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High impact from low resources

These are short stories of Flow Funding that happened across three different Brazilian states during the year of 2020, reported by Carol, social-environmental entrepreneur specialised in social justice and community building.

"The best thing about Flow Funding was to experience supporting high-impact actions with low resources. While deciding where the funding would go, I revisited my past logic and created new strategies for directing resources. I realised that there is a path and support strategy that makes sense to me. I realised that I can do this kind of support and this kind of dedication opened me up as a possibility for me to undertake in the future. I loved researching and reacting to critical situations in Brazil (there were many in the last year). Receiving feedback from each organisation, echoing the impact of resources in each family was nourishing for me and essential for these people." - Carol

Free anthroposophical medical care and treatment (extremely expensive in Brazil) for 150 families from the outskirts of São Paulo.


Cultural center of memory of the only black heroine of Brazil (recognised as heroes of the homeland by the Institute for Heritage). The Tia Ciata House is the headquarters of the Remnants of Tia Ciata (ORTC) and a cultural space to keep alive the memory of the Matriarch of samba. A permanent exhibition about the samba veteran is the main attraction of the space. During pandemics, the organisation distributed food parcels to black families in the port area of Rio de Janeiro.


Sarau do Binho is one of the main cultural centres in São Paulo, they are making food vouchers for indigenous and peripheral families in the South Zone of the city.


Carol has also supported two women community leaders undergoing severe cancer treatment.


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