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Strengthening Urban Agriculture in São Paulo

Hello, I'm Daniele Custódio, a PhD student in Food and Nutrition and an activist in the fight of hunger and the eradication of poverty.

I currently live in São Paulo, Brazil. Ever since I returned to São Paulo, urban agriculture has touched me a lot. My professional experience in the production and maintenance of farmers in the rural area was already very difficult, but the urban area is just as complicated.

For this reason, I allocated most of the Flow Funding resources to urban agriculture in São Paulo, especially the Association of Organic Producers of São Mateus – AAZL.

With the resource, it was possible to hire an agronomic engineer for six months to accompany the farmers in planting planning, renewal of organic certification and in care and production management.

Engineer Júlia Moraes visits AAZL

Mr. Avaí was very happy with the size of the beet after the period of technical assistance

Urban Farm’s project

Change in the quality of the urban farm after the technical assistance

A sale's spot is the main way for urban gardens to sell and the one at Dona Terezinha's, a urban farmer, was very bad and collapsed with the rains in São Paulo. Therefore, the construction was redone, bringing more comfort and visibility to the products from the garden.

Before the Repairs

After the Repairs

After the Repairs

It also enabled the structuring of access to water and electricity in the new community garden for the Women of the Urban Farmers Group – GAU Women. In the new land, the women had many difficulties, whether it was removing rubble or accessing water and electricity. Joelma - responsible for setting up the new community garden - would walk hundreds of meters with a spliced hose that connected the water from her house to the community garden to water the plants every day. And this hose, in addition to being very heavy, had several patches, as it covered a route with a lot of cars and buses. With the flow funding resources, it was possible to install electric light on the new land and buy a new hose.

This video shows some of the difficulty Joelma had to water the garden every day.


Graduated in Home Economics, Daniele is a Food Safety Specialist and PhD student in Food and Nutrition at UNICAMP. She has been studying and working in the field of hunger and food and nutritional security since 2011.


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