Women towards a nurturing world

Aura Fellowship supports women, whose amazing contributions to Earth and our regenerative future are overlooked by capitalism and thus conventional philanthropy.

Connecting with the more-than-human world through soul, soil and story.

One of our contributions to social movements and community-building. Crafting in fellows a focus on intention, intuition and softer ways of being - radically subversive of entrenched harsh patterns in its emphasis on beauty, belonging and joy.

Aura Methodology

My Aura Fellowship has become the space from which I return home to nourish and nurture my creative powers, my feminine energy, my ability to link my work with my cause, and to dream about the possibilities together with my fellow Aurettes. It takes inner leadership and inner work first to then be able to manifest that into leadership in the world. This, I feel, is what Aura is giving me the space to nurture.

Dona - Aura Circle 2020

Aura Today

The first circle of the Aura Fellowship, entirely funded by Be The Earth, started in 2020 with ten women activists from India, Lebanon, South Africa and Brasil. Their areas of regeneration hail from water, journalism, traditional healing in nature, food and maternal feeding, indigenous forest protection, plant connection, story-telling and community building.

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In a world of uncertainty and not knowing, the Aura Fellowship is a counter-culture. Too frequently the response to a crisis is part of the crisis. Attempts to solve intractable climate problems are often tried from the same mind that created them in the first place. In urgent times, the pressure is on for technical solutions, speed, progress and sure outcomes. Our dream in the Aura Fellowship is to co-create spaciousness, discernment and humour as contributions to the long game.
Let women lead the way.

Aura Tomorrow

Image by Etty Fidele
Training Midwives

Each cycle aims to capacitate new midwives on the core and successful topics of the previous cycle, giving Aura growing arms and hearts to expand this journey to more women. 

Image by Jakob Braun
More Aligned Funders

Be The Earth is looking for aligned philanthropic funders to work in collaboration. We can add value to their work by holding Aura Circle's together, tailored to their ongoing project's needs.

Image by Hasan Almasi
Regional Circles

With trained midwives and collaboration with aligned funders, we wish to ignite Aura Circles that can take a step forward into localising resources and expertise with inspiring women leading the way.