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Aura reclaims and centres women's wisdom in regenerating systems that support all life to flourish.

Becoming Aura

Be The Earth launched Aura in 2020 during the pandemic times. As an experimental living lab committed to the principles of regeneration, the intention was to respond to the emergent needs of a small group of women activists whose extraordinary contributions to the world are overlooked by traditional economies. These ten women where held in circles, under the cosmic energy of 26 new moons. They have also received individual mentoring according to their needs and financial support. Throughout the process, they have helped Be The Earth team of midwives (the programme's facilitators) refine and understand what was arising. In a constant process of observation, feelings and reasoning, the first circle of Aura informed the next steps we would take.

AURA 2020 • 2022

“So the world would be a place where we all are allowed to dream.
And these dreams would come true.
We wouldn’t be pruned, we wouldn’t be hampered, we wouldn’t be murdered.
Our dreams would truly be manifested.”

Claudelice Santos
Aura Fellowship Circle 2020

Belonging in community

In 2022 Be The Earth launched its first place-based regional circle in Dwarsrivier Valley, in the region of Cape Town, South Africa. This time, local facilitators and a network of weavers supported forming a circle of single mothers. This was a conscious choice to ignite a movement, from the inside out, of valuing the role of giving, nurturing and sustaining human life. With the opportunity of in-person connection, rituals in nature and creation of kinship, this circle of Aura Fellows has pointed us to the importance of community and relationship to land, and all its complexities and nuances, such crucial elements for regeneration. 

"Aura has helped me a lot. I’m a very quiet person. I normally don’t say what I want to say, but since I’ve joined Aura I am very confident. I’ve been going for things that I want to do.
So, Aura made me a go getter."

Patricia Abrahams
Aura Fellowship Circle 2022


After three years of lived experience and learnings, we are currently weaving three working fronts within the programme. We seek to experiment with how to promote growth and expansion, making the circles and their magic more accessible to a broader network of regenerators. But at the same time, nurturing genuine reconnection with nature and creating safe and sacred spaces for the stewards of the future:


Fellowship Circles

Reclaiming Ancient Wisdom

Aura Fellowship Circles have an open-source methodology put together by Be The Earth in collaboration with Aura Fellows. The circles seek to create pathways towards the holistic development of women leaders and their surrounding communities from a feminine-centric perspective. The circles follow 9 elements, carefully harvested and brought to the surface to help build the egregore of care and transformation for women.




"In a world of uncertainty and not knowing, the Aura Fellowship is a counter-culture. Too frequently the response to a crisis is part of the crisis. Attempts to solve intractable climate problems are often tried from the same mind that created them in the first place. In urgent times, the pressure is on for technical solutions, speed, progress and sure outcomes. Our dream in the Aura Programme is to co-create spaciousness, discernment and humour as contributions to the long game."

Eve Annecke
Aura Facilitator


Awakening Feminine Power

Aura retreats are short place-based experiences for women. We combine snippets of our methodology to offer vivid moments of creativity and imagination in nature, igniting, nurturing and maintaining feminine culture towards regeneration. We are currently open for the facilitation of Aura Retreats in two place-based aligned partners in Dwarsrivier Valley, South Africa and Somerset, England.

Please get in touch with us if you wish to offer an Aura retreat for your team, community or group of women. 


Image by Robert Murray

Facilitating the Feminine

In March 2023 we launched an in-depth learning journey for women who seek encouragement and support to hold their circles. This first edition of the course will be open initially to Aura Alumni and other BTE women Fellows as part of our approach to building relational communities and growing resilient impact from strengthening trust. The course weaves from theory to practice, facilitating and nurturing the feminine principles towards effective action in the 21st century.


Midwife Traning
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