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"A world imbibed with empathy"

An extraordinary creation: poet Liv Torc reads a truly enchanting poem composed from our collective insights and reflections at the Be The Earth UK Annual Gathering 2023, and exploring our visions for a brighter future and a world that nurtures all beings.

A beautiful hare met me on the track

A compassionate lion

A flock of birds dipping, diving

together and apart

The tingling power of bravery

Birds skipping across the water

fish kissing the air

A world imbibed with empathy

Swimming in the lake

floating on my back

Sun beating down

grass between my toes

I recognised a shared excitement

Fire embers crystalline

glows a starfield nebula

Abundant authentic relationships flourishing fully

Energy of the group dancing blindfolded

Shake your body!

Smell the herb garden

The sound of my son playing

and strategy blossoming

A world where all kids play outside

Where the harmony and balance

within each of us, between us, and with nature

has been restored

Where good food is normal

and tells you who made it and where

Where as a collective

we are involved in the making of the meals and

shared knowledge for roles foreseen

Where green corridors connect

our cities to fields

with spaces in nature for community regeneration

and millions of new enthusiastic

successful small-scale eco-farmers

and artisan food makers

And the feminine principles are

at work in business

and allow children to see and

be part of the work that we do

A world in which we can all live well

where all businesses are a force for good

Healed and connected,

connected to Earth and each other

For human beings to perceive their

community as all of the Earth

not just the few individual people they like

So we can harness the human creative spirit

to design spaces in nature

And safe spaces for migrants

A future where women feel

that they are, and do, enough

A world where people work for passion

and are comfortable with the idea

there isn't always a need for more

System change itself,

where vibrant communities give

the opportunity for each person to

fulfil their potential

A vision, a truth to be heard and validated

Today there is a canopy of leaves above my head

silhouetted against the darkness

The sweet smell of the stars

The energy behind a voice

We saw a tree gnawed by a beaver

And a path winding through sunshine in

into the woods

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