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Exploring resilience, regeneration and nourishment for activism

An exclusive invitation to Aura Fellows

Our first season together as Aura holds connection as our core theme. We are exploring this through getting to know each other, a flurry of mentor meetings, and quietly settling into the beginnings of creating our collective stories. In addition to our monthly gathering this February new moon, we are offering a parallel session with a practitioner who, like ourselves, investigates how connection to self, others and Earth may bring deeper resilience to our work as activists. Resilience is an ongoing practice, an essential regenerative force that we need to cultivate again and again. Creative energy for our work in the world brings joy, delight and increases our spiritual nourishment for the long haul. This two-hour experiential session will offer an opportunity to explore building resilient foundations for activism, nurturing the ways we resource ourselves, and take a good look at some patterns that may cause imbalance and exhaustion.

Alana is a facilitator, artist and activist working in learning, designing spaces and experiences that nourish and regenerate. Passionate about living connected to earth-based practices that support regeneration and using cyclical living as a pathway to dismantle capitalist and consumerist culture. She is founder of Regenerating Rhythms, Co-Director at The Living Projects and Host Mentor with Enrol Yourself.


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