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Fundo Casa: Funding the gaps, building resilience

Today we are glad to introduce Fundo Casa Socioambiental • Casa Socio-Environmental Fund - a brilliant organisation in Brazil that is an active part of the wider global movement for regeneration through supporting grassroots groups and environmental protectors with a systemic approach. They identify key nodes that need support -financial and more - to unlock change through social justice and environmental protection and restoration. Fundo Casa believes that small grants offered in large numbers to a multitude of community based groups, who are the main protectors of our planet’s important biomes, when placed strategically and with focus on mutual learning, true collaboration and trust, plays a big role in massively halting processes of environmental destruction and social injustice, while strengthening the threats of democratic and equity processes — thus seeding the future planet earth that all its inhabitants deserve.

Image: reproduction from Fundo Casa Instagram page

"The Casa Socio-Environmental Fund in an organisation seeking to promote environmental conservation and sustainability, democracy, respect for socio-environmental rights and social justice through financial support to civil society initiatives and by strengthening their capacities in South America. We have pioneered the debate on socio-environmental philanthropy in Brazil since 2005. Our mission is to generate positive impact on very diverse territories, investing in the lives of those who care for them, and establishing connections between communities and organisations.

To this end, we developed a powerful support network for small civil society initiatives — a network that mobilises funds, provides support and strengthens capacities, thus ensuring increasing autonomy for groups spread all over South America. We believe change begins by listening, and we listen to the real protagonists of every cause we embrace: those whose lives are directly affected by any change in their territories."

We don't believe in ready made formulas and single solutions. By supporting mobilisations and other movements in rural or urban areas, the Fundo Casa strengths organisations and helps to create the conditions for relevant socio-environmental projects to move forward, respecting the diversity of biomes and populations in South America.

Fundo Casa's history comes a long way, since the early 80's mobilising grassroots communities and connecting international funds and NGO's to the wider debate and action around resilient futures based on collective intelligence and relationships.

In 2005, the Casa Socio-Environmental Fund was launched as the first socio-environmental fund for South America. Proud of their trajectory, they never gave up on close relations with local activists and third sector organisations.

"Together, we have developed strategies to regenerate and preserve the large regional biomes, as well as the great human diversity of each one of these regions, always reinforcing the protagonist position of local groups in the preservation of the planet – this large Casa we all inhabit." - Casa, in portuguese, means House. Or better said, home.

"That is what we were born for: to generate ties in the midst of a powerful network of change. We are here to unite local leaders and large global foundations. This reflects our work to this day and is the purpose that drives us forward.

We believe in communication, exchange and listening to develop transformational projects. We have seen small grants generate change in practice since 1994. With all this experience and having built so many important connections, we, as a river, keep to our course. We are not limited by borders. We sow seeds to grow a forest."


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