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GROUNDTRUTH - A Be the Earth Investment

GROUNDTRUTH are a company that Be the Earth invested in earlier this year. In this blog post we will share about the company and their journey to creating bags out of plastic waste!

GROUNDTRUTH are a company that believe that every new product created should directly contribute to a healthier and future focussed planet. They do this by repurposing plastic pollution before it enters our oceans into long lasting bags and accessories. The company is embracing technologies at the vanguard of innovation to develop a new generation of 100% recycled travel goods. Their multifunctional products provide solutions to real-world needs, prioritise ethical production methods and actively reduce global plastic pollution, and their new patent-pending technology embeds captured CO2 emissions into our range of unique hardware - making every GROUNDTRUTH product a direct carbon sink.

GROUNDTRUTH is unique in that it was founded on purpose not the desire for profit. The founders believe that responsible and compassionate companies can be a powerful force for good. They ensure that every facet of our supply chain upholds the highest standards: prioritising worker conditions, promoting fair practices, and working to empower young people worldwide. They don’t just focus on one area, but instead they look at the bigger picture.

As three sisters, these passionate founders share a lifetime of travel experience, and have lived and worked all over the world.

Together, Georgia and Sophia have two decades of experience with their documentary film company GroundTruth Productions, working across the globe. Nina has spent her career working on product development, design and sales within the artisan textiles sector. The company grew from the sisters’ shared belief in the power of collaboration, and their drive to protect and nurture the planet.

A note from the founders of GROUNDTRUTH:

"Wandering through our partner recycling plant on the outskirts of Jakarta, is a bewildering experience. The amount of plastic that people generate is unbelievable. Knowing that through the creation of our textiles and designs that we are removing some of this plastic pollution - to recreate, repurpose into high performance bags and accessories.

At the heart of GROUNDTRUTH is the belief that through partnerships and team work, we can make a stronger and more positive impact on communities and our planet. Ideas are the portal to where solutions are born and we always welcome new conversations and introductions!"

Be the Earth is so pleased to be supporting this innovative business in their mission and can gratefully share a discount code with you to use on GROUNDTRUTH's website 🙏🏼

Code: BeTheEarth#2022



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