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Health for the entire system - Be The Earth

We work with an emergent strategy under a systemic change approach. That means to be responsive to the unpredictability of life and, at the same time, oriented by a clear intention. We have a plan, but we adjust to the emergent needs of the system we are part of.

Our clear intention is to work towards the shifting from exploitation to a regenerative paradigm. We believe that accelerating the transition of food systems with an agroecological approach is an efficient response to this intention, and also a meaningful path to navigate to the challenges of this day and age. Food is thy medicine.

Nonetheless, we have never faced such complexities. Social, political and economic challenges pose impediments, but we know that the solution lies within each problem. ​Humankind created most of the issues we face today, but it is also well equipped to propose regenerative ways forward.

That is why we believe in the power of collaboration, and choose to focus on what humans do best: create, explore, share, love and celebrate. We choose to do things from love, rather than fear.

In constant self-reflection and open for adaptation, our mission is to strengthen the entire ecosystem we are a part of. To build resilience and leverage prosperity for its key stakeholders. We understand that synergistic collaboration between allied partners is a good way to unlock change.

To materialise our vision, we created the PPP approach: People, Programmes and Places - three interdependent forces that combined ignite health for the entire system. Our strategy lies in creating opportunities for meaningful interactions between those groups, knowing that everything that we focus on, grows and thrives.


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