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Inspiring words from women farmers with High Mowing Seeds

Originally posted in the HMOS blog.

Women's involvement in agriculture is a tale as old as time and while the representation of women farmers in the United States has been historically limited, women have been operating farms, excelling in positions of leadership, managing businesses as partners and also humbly working behind the scenes to ensure that their families and livelihoods are supported and successful. Women's labor is a cornerstone of agriculture globally and current events in india have given the world a glimpse into this deep truth. Below, we'd like to acknowledge the work of some talented and powerful women who are dedicated to sowing seeds and sharing their bountiful harvests with their local communities, right here in the United States.


Green Acre Homestead

At green acre homestead, at the end of 2020, we made the commitment to not buy any of our family's meat from the grocery store. This means that we are raising and processing animals ourselves and bartering with neighbors. We are currently raising goats, chickens, pigs, and rabbits. As spring approaches, we’ll be adding a full compliment of garden fresh veggies to the list as well as fresh pears from our pear trees!

It’s so important to me to help break down barriers through actions rather than words. Not only am I showing women that there is a place for us in agriculture, I’m showing women of color that we belong. I think that so many young black women associate the hard work that comes along with farming back to slavery. It’s a painful memory, however, how amazing is it that we have the opportunity to do this work on our OWN land because we want to not because we have to.

I also run my roadside farmstand and invite the community to see what we’re doing because I want I encourage them to support local agriculture! It’s so important to build a healthy relationship with your community around the production of their meat and veggies. There are so many styles of farming out there that effect the ecosystem including our waterways. Being an informed consumer and supporting local ag in a way that has a positive impact on the local environment is my greatest hope for those who choose to do so.

I have found that our little farmstand is a safe haven for those that want to support local agriculture and may not have always felt welcome doing so. We don’t care what you look like, who you love, or what you do for work. You want to snuggle some bunnies while you pick up your eggs? Pull on up!

We all know that women in agriculture can stack a hay bale and pull a kid with the best of them. I’m just here to share my story.

While I certainly feel like I’m still learning. The best advice I’d give is to do what works for you in your current situation. Everyone is going to have an opinion about something. Sometimes they are great! Other times you’ll spent way too much energy trying to live up to the expectations of others. Don’t worry about perfect harvests or collecting the most eggs. Get out there, bust your butt chasing a few pigs and face the hard stuff head on. Celebrate the good times because they are so sweet. Learn from every experience. You will come out of this so much stronger and more knowledgeable than you have ever imagined! Most of all, enjoy the journey girl, this life is so much FUN!


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