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Seed Gathering with The Gaia Foundation

A collection of discussions, workshops, and talks celebrating our seeds' diversity, opportunities, and deep cultural connections.

Spanning two days in October, the first-ever Seed Gathering offered by the Gaia Foundation was a virtual space where we could come together safely to forge new connections and build a stronger movement for Seed Sovereignty.

Be The Earth was of the funders of the event, as we strongly believe in the power of seeds as a central pillar of regeneration.

Seeds are the heart of agriculture and the source of our foods. They carry the genetic information that supports agriculture and are thus vital for diversity, resilience and food security.

“Seed is the embodiment of millions of years of nature’s evolution and thousands of years of farmers’ evolution and breeding. It also holds the potential of millions of years of future evolution. Seeds are, therefore, the repository of centuries of biological and cultural evolution. They hold the memory of the past and potential of the future.” - Dr. Vandana Shiva

To watch session recordings, keep an eye on @thegaiafoundation's Instagram for an announcement once they're uploaded onto their Vimeo!

The Gaia Foundation also designed a zine as a physical accompaniment to the online sessions. Within its pages, you will find insight and inspiration, adding depth to the discussions that happened at the Seed Gathering, and hopefully feel connected to the participants from all over the world!

All content can be found here:


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