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Spirit in Leading with Eve Annecke

By Eve Annecke

Be The Earth’s Aura Fellowship was created to support the often overlooked work of diverse women activists, combining ancient technologies, like women’s circles and innovative mentoring, the Fellowship offers a shared journey for self-development, resilience and sisterhood.

As a contribution to social movements, community-building and the commons, this fellowship is evolving an exploration in connecting with the more-than-human world through soul, spirit and story. Focused intention, intuition and softer ways of being - radically subversive of typically entrenched harsh patterns in its emphasis on beauty and stillness. These ways of the ancient feminine are to enhance activism and change-making, to learn the kinds of discernment that enable skillful action. Which may assist in preventing the burnout often experienced by a type of sacrifice that is made without an astute accompanying journey of the interior. In addition, joy, delight and fun provide amazing ways which undermine a dominant exploitative paradigm into which it is simply otherwise too easy to fall.

The first circle of the Aura Fellowship is made up of three midwives and ten women activists from five countries, the activists hail from India, Lebanon, South Africa and Brasil. Their areas of regeneration are: working with water, journalism, traditional healing in nature, food and maternal feeding, indigenous forest protection, nature connection with groups, connecting with plants, story-telling, community working.


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