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Stories of Regenerative Philanthropy with Regenerosity Network

How about an amazing group of people working for regeneration talking honestly about the challenges we need to overcome for the regenerative future we all envision?

As part of the amazing cycle of conversations offered by our friends from the Regenerosity Network, we have co-hosted a webinar called "Developing our Capacity for Trust: Stories of Regenerative Philanthropy Part II", where we have shared stories about our Flow Funding programme and how we develop networks of trust and regeneration.

"Flow Funding decentralises decision-making regarding the use of Philanthropic Funds, combining intelligence from activists with financial resources and diminishing bureaucracy." - Anne Rammi (Be The Earth Foundation)

One of the main panelists was Raquel, one of our Flow Funders from the 2020 cycle, who has distributed funds over 12 different strategic communities in the Amazon region. Through her network, she supported individuals and groups during crisis in a fast pace manner.

Other featured speakers were Ruth Andrade of Regenerosity and LUSH Cosmetics, who hosted the webinar along with Anne Remi and Renata Strengerowski from Be the Earth Foundation. They have shared knowledge and experience about building trusting relationships during their first year of flow funding. As well as Hilary Hart of Kalliopeia, who talked about her work and how reconnecting ecology, culture and spirituality impacts how they relate to grants and grantees, assuring that financial capital is not the only thing that matters.

We are grateful for having such an inspiring group sharing their insights, knowledge and perceptions with all of us, which will foster many benefits for the regenerative community.

You can watch the full webinar recording below and also check the Flow Funding page for more information.


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