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The Future of Food Fellowship with The Do

From ending hunger and malnutrition to a sustainable use of resources - what does a more equitable and local food system look like?

The DO School - in partnership with Bertha Foundation and 42 Acres - has launched the Future of Food - a year-long fellowship program for entrepreneurs who are radically reimagining local food systems.

Designed to connect ready-to-scale startups with industry experts and investors, the program consists of monthly workshops, mentorship, access to a digital community for food innovators, and a 3-day Future of Food Summit.

What's in it for you?

- Get access to monthly online sessions with a cohort of entrepreneurs in your field to connect with and learn from industry leaders, experts and investors

- Receive 1-on-1 coaching and mentoring to scale your impact

- Be part of our Future of Food Summit in November

If you’re an entrepreneur, radical in your passion for local, regenerative food systems, apply now until April 18th.


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