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We invite you to Be The Earth

"Her Head is in the clouds.

His feet are on the ground.

They meet in the horizon

in the place where the earth touches the sky,

In the place where her dreams becomes his reality."

Christy Ann Martine

As members of this beautiful story called life on earth;

From our commitment to the transition from an exploitative to a regenerative culture that allows us humans to remain part of this story;

Connecting people, programmes and places that are regenerating soil, igniting souls and transforming society;

Knowingly within the emergency to create and scale food systems that heal human and planetary health as one;

Acknowledging the central role of diversity, inclusivity and interdependence to leverage change;

Recognising our limitations as humans, in search of constant improvement, in need of truthful relationships to self, to others and to the planet,

We invite you to:

Be The Earth.


Be The Earth is a hybrid organisation that combines for-profit and philanthropic investments, envisioning local and regenerative ecosystems that nurture all beings.

We primarily support people and organisations that are actively engaged in the transition of food systems, from exploitative to regenerative practices.

Acknowledging the urgent need for systemic approaches to leverage impact - ancient cultures, wellbeing and alternative economies, as well as other key-subjects, are also featured within the organisation's diverse formats for investing in the future.

From activists to CEO's, from grassroots associations to start-ups, from unrestricted grants to equity and loans: Be The Earth fosters transformation through nurturing relationships within an ecosystem of people, programmes and places - all of whom are partners, allies and friends.

Based in the UK, we also focus on Brazil and South Africa as main geographic areas.


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