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Blossom Impact Accelerator

In the words of our founder, find out how Blossom Impact Accelerator is bridging the investment world with regenerative businesses that can define the future of economies that centre on life and care.

Why does BTE focus on food?

At the root, the problem the world currently faces is that we have an economic system that puts profit ahead of people and that focuses on industries that don’t serve human or nature’s needs. The food system is an example that affects every industry, as well as all humans and non humans. With the world the way it is right now, we need to start by getting the basics right. We are part of a food system and it is part of us; if we can create a food system that serves the needs of people and the planet, we can also change the economy whilst simultaneously healing our relationship with nature.

Why do you think a programme like this is needed?

There are many accelerators out there, food accelerators, tech accelerators, accelerators of all kinds. What feels critical at this time is a food accelerator that’s focused on supporting the needs of entrepreneurs, mission first businesses and people who are focused on healing our food system (which ultimately has the potential to heal our planet and our relationship with it). Blossom is impact centric, focusing towards a more decentralised, localised, regenerative food system, rather than one of extractive exits and ultimately, a more centrally owned economic system. We want to move away from the power being held by the few, and put the future of our planet back in the hands of the Earth and in the hands who tend to it.

What is the intended outcome for Blossom in terms of supporting the world?

It is our intention to grow a network and community of likeminded people doing likeminded but diverse things, who are using business as a tool for transformation. Through Blossom, we aim to build a resilience of our food system through supporting those who share a similar intention and vision as we do, for a world that nurtures all beings. We are starting in the UK because we believe that change starts from within and this is where our home is as BTE. Through this accelerator, we look forward to growing ourselves and our community, and having a positive impact on our food system. We are grateful for those who join us in birthing this program.

What makes Blossom unique?
  • Targeted towards impact-first ventures

  • We don’t believe in a one size fits all funding model. We offer all types of finance.

  • We believe in stewardship over ownership

  • We support human-beings as well as human-doings

  • We love businesses with a collaborative mindset

  • We support decentralised ownership and will encourage you to not sell out!

  • We want to explore new economic systems and models (capitalism is broken)

  • We aren’t just looking for solutions to unique problems, we are looking for creative solutions that work within larger systems

  • Innovation includes looking back as well as forward

  • We operate within a large ecosystem of aligned individuals and businesses who have a shared vision for the future

  • We believe human wellbeing is just as important as planetary wellbeing and the two are inextricably linked


Blossom Impact Accelerator is a programme led by Be the Earth and supported by The DO and Bertha Foundation for businesses that are reimagining food systems.

Applications open until May 14th.


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