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Frente Alimenta and the economy of care

"Today 24/12, we accompanied the delivery of carrots, peppers, cucumbers, broccoli, spinach, spring onions, cassava, pumpkin, aubergine and tomatoes to the community kitchen of Jardim Helian, East Zone of São Paulo. During the holiday period, Frente Alimenta will continue to supply food security projects organised by community leaders in the peripheries of the metropolis. Our reason for existing is to bring fresh, healthy and pesticide-free food to those who need it most and, at the same time, ensure a market for small agroecological producers in situations of social vulnerability. Hunger does not take holidays."

Frente Alimenta is a grassroots project that creates collaboration within a vast network of activists, farmers, cooks, community leaders to build models for food sovereignty in the complex city of São Paulo while addressing the urgent needs of people in hunger.

The combined efforts of the activists who run the initiative, with community farmers, cooks, and social entrepreneurs, show visible results in providing humanitarian care to people who hunger but go beyond. It also offers a prototype of a resilient economy that focuses on clean, localised food and values the crucial roles of life care agents.

Frente Alimenta is part of Be The Earth's Blooming Initiative. An approach to collaborative work that combines seed funding with capacity building and storytelling to leverage communities promoting new economies that sustain like on earth.

Watch their 2021 story:


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