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Be The Earth is a UK based charitable foundation that combines impact investing and philanthropy for a world that nurtures all beings. It operates on a system of trust-based relationships, co-responsibility, and interdependence.

Committed to living in harmony with Earth, BTE entrusts all of its capital to people, programmes and places that are growing regenerative economies that prioritise life on earth.

BTE operates with a particular focus on food systems, indigenous causes, community building and alternative learning, while also open to different grassroots approaches to regenerating soil, soul, and society.


The supported initiatives are primarily in the United Kingdom, Brazil and South Africa.

Using a circular financing model, all profits are reinvested or allocated to philanthropic partnerships and to leveraging the vital non-financial resources found within our network of key collaborators: farmers, activists, women, entrepreneurs, indigenous people, and funders.

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In their Instagram page, Be The Earth shares opportunities for courses, scholarships, online events, or simply inspiration and actionable ideas to keep up the motivation and good work towards regenerating soil, soul and society

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As passionate members of this beautiful story called life on earth;

From our commitment to the transition from an exploitative to a regenerative culture that allows us humans to remain part of this story;

Connecting people, programmes and places that are
regenerating soil, igniting souls and transforming society;

Knowingly within the emergency to create and scale food systems that heal human and planetary health as one;

Acknowledging the central role of
diversity, cooperation and interdependence to leverage change;

Recognising our limitations as humans, in search of constant improvement, in need of
truthful relationships to self, to others and to the planet,
We invite you to:

Be The Earth

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