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"We're redefining what power looks like" - Our Flow Funding Webinar

Be The Earth hosted an enlightening webinar with Fellows from our Flow Funding Programme. This approach prioritises trust and relationships in order to democratise the distribution of wealth, minimise bureaucracy, and allow funds to reach people and projects overlooked by traditional philanthropy.

Flow Funding is a cutting-edge approach to philanthropy, created by Marion Weber, fourth generation in a family of philanthropists, who refuted traditional models of grantmaking and chose to put trust and affection at the centre of all her work.

Be The Earth’s Flow Funding Programme shares power with experienced activists and visionary leaders, who directly receive and allocate philanthropic funds based on trust, intuition, and their intimate understanding of grassroots work in their communities. This programme is now in its fourth year and we are excited to share with you the power of what this type of funding can achieve, and what we have learned along the way.

This webinar shares our methodology, learnings, insights, struggles, and successes, aiming to inspire and catalyse further change towards dismantling existing power structures and a philanthropy that truly serves the communities it aims to support.


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