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In a world that nurtures all beings


All of Be The Earth's capital is invested under the same vision, strictly attached to the values of planetary regeneration. We seek to invest in inspirational leaders whose businesses are defining our regenerative future. We are agile and fully flexible with financing methods, using capital as a source for good. Be The Earth Investments is a subsidiary of Be The Earth Foundation. All profits are either reinvested or donated.

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Philanthropy at Be The Earth seeks to create opportunities for systemic change towards local and regenerative ecosystems, combining different types of capital that go beyond financial resources. We work in collaboration with our network of Farmers, Activists, Entrepreneurs, Indigenous People and Wealth Holders under feminine governance principles.

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Be The Earth is a UK based foundation that combines impact investing and philanthropy for a world that nurtures all beings. Committed to living in harmony with Earth, BTE entrusts all of its capital to people, programmes and places that are creating resilient solutions for our regenerative future, with a particular focus on food systems. 

Based on the belief that a paradigm shift is needed, Be The Earth supports initiatives that are promoting a mindset of collaboration and abundance, and refuting the exploitation that is driving ecological collapse.


Working with a system of trust-based relationships that moves away from colonialist and bureaucratic models, Be The Earth focuses on strengthening relationships of co-responsibility and interdependence. Using a circular financing model, all profits are reinvested or allocated to philanthropic partnerships and to leveraging the vital non-financial resources found within our network of key collaborators: farmers, activists, women, entrepreneurs, indigenous people and funders.

"And while we are overwhelmed by disease and death, a living food culture can show the light to the path of life."
- Dr. Vandana Shiva - 

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Be the Earth is a UK-based charitable foundation.


We operate primarily in the United Kingdom, Brazil and South Africa.

We do not give grants. We build partnerships by invitation only.

Please note that Be The Earth does not accept unsolicited proposals.  

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